Monday, June 27, 2016

Hot Water Heater Noises That Indicate Repair Is Needed

There are several indicators that will let you know it’s time to repair your hot water heater. However, these indicators will not always show visible signs. Listen closely as certain types of noises are warning signs that your hot water heater is in need of repair. Ammons Superior Plumbing Service of Charlotte shares these warning sounds.


Water heater tanks can accumulate a mild build-up of sediment, which falls to the bottom of the tank. Gas water heaters apply heat directly to the tank and the water underneath that sediment begins to make a popping noise much like coffee percolates when it is brewing. A little sediment is not a problem, although too much sediment can be damaging to the tank. Many times, flushing out the tank will stop the popping.


Electric water heaters will sometimes sound as though they are hissing or sizzling. This is a sign of sediment in one of the heating elements. It’s not advisable for homeowners to change out any of the heating elements. If the hissing is slight, it generally does not indicate an unsafe condition. But the stronger the hissing, the greater the worry.


If there is a creaking sound coming from your tank, it is usually signifies a problem with an excess amount of pressure. This could turn out to be a major problem as too much pressure can lead to an eventual leak, which could make for a costly replacement. At the first sign of a creaking sound, contact a plumbing contractor in Charlotte.


When there is an obstacle obstructing the flow of water, it will give off a screaming type sound. The pressure will push the water through, but the noise will continue because of that obstruction. This sound could signify there is problems with the shut-off valve.


In electric water heaters, too much voltage can cause the unit to vibrate. A heating element flange is labeled with the maximum amount of voltage it should withstand. When the voltage goes over that limit, vibrations start to occur. The vibrations are a result of the element being overworked. Make sure the voltage numbers on your water heater match up.

Ammons Superior Plumbing is ready to repair your hot water heater, with a team that is comprised of the top plumbers in Charlotte, NC. No matter what your plumbing issue, contact Ammons Superior Plumbing today as it is the only choice for top quality Charlotte plumbing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Common Causes of Bathroom Drain Clogs and Toilet Repair

Some plumbing issues cannot be avoided and call for the immediate assistance of a local Charlotte plumbing contractor. But clogging a drain in your tub or shower can usually be avoided and the same goes for a clogged toilet. Here are some of the common causes for bathroom drain clogs and toilet repair, all of which can be avoided.

Multi-ply Toilet Paper
Some people prefer multi-ply toilet paper, but too much ply can spell trouble for your toilet. Some multi-ply varieties of toilet paper are very thick and can build up in pipes over time, causing an eventual clog.

The reason why you should avoid throwing Q-tips or cotton balls in the toilet is simple; they are made of cotton. The cotton is tougher to break down than most people realize as it can start to accumulate quickly in your Charlotte plumbing.

Some people would be amazed if they knew just how much hair went down their bathtub drain. Shedding hair is an unavoidable part of bathing, although investing in a good drain cover will lower your chances of ending up with a clogged drain.

Any family with children is going to have toys scattered throughout the home. This includes the bathroom, where toilet repair is often required because some type of toy found its way into the toilet.

They have the capability of inflating when flushed down a toilet and could become a bulky obstruction in your home plumbing. Rubber gloves can also cause the same problem.

Using too much soap and shampoo during a shower could lead to drainage problems in the future. It is not just the soap that is the problem. Soap builds into a residue and then acts as a magnet for other debris. A lot of things can catch on to a buildup of soap and quickly cause a significant clog. Make sure to rinse well to try to avoid this problem.

Bath SaltsThese products may look appealing, but they do not always dissolve so easily. When bath salts only partially dissolve, they leave behind traces that could lead to a severely clogged tub in the future.

Ammons Superior Plumbing is standing by to take care of all your clogged drains and toilet repair. With a team of experienced professionals, Ammons Superior Plumbing service has seen all types of drain clogs and plumbing issues over the years. That experience is ready to start working for you as the top plumber Charlotte, NC has to offer is only a phone call away.